With ExamRoom.AI Proctoring, Exam360, and ExamLock security features, our test integrity is high class. As an additional defense against cheating, ExamRoom.AI reviews and audits all tests within 24 hours to check for any additional signs of questionable behavior.

During the exam, proctors will flag questionable behavior. Flagged incidents are color coded to indicate level of severity and time stamped for quick playback. Based on severity of the flagged incident, appropriate actions will be taken.

Administrators can watch the exam in real-time or request a review after the 24-hour audit period.


Flag Review

During the proctored test session, proctors have tools to document when test takers are showing questionable behavior or when there is a concern/ situation during the test.

Proctors flag behavior that may be indictive of comprise in the integrity of the test. The color flag chosen to document the incident reflects the level of concern. With the Flag Review option, test administrators can see the flags marked by the proctor and or AI to determine if they are correct and/or need to be changed.

Examples of flagged instances may be, but not limited to:

  • Looking away from the screen.
  • Excessive bathroom breaks.
  • Looking at their watch.
  • Attempting to open prohibited applications or browsers.
  • Attempted use of short cut keys.
  • Covering their face with their hands.
  • Prohibited, or excessive items on their desk.

Chat Review

During the exam, test takers have access to live chatting with the proctor to discuss any concerns during the allotted exam time.

Test administrators can review the chat log between the proctor and test taker to ensure that there were no inappropriate discussions and that the test and content integrity was maintained. Administrators can also use the chat review as an analysis tool to help optimize the test content or procedure.

Comments Review

Throughout the allotted exam time, test takers can utilize the comments tool, which allows them to leave questions or concerns about a given question/answer provided on the test.

Administrators can review the comments to see if there should be any changes or modifications of the exam question/answer based on feedback from the test takers.