Learning Management Systems And Use Cases

It’s been predicted that the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will reach nearly 21 billion by 2020. Their diversity is rapidly growing as industrial products, wearables, and communication devices continue to emerge.

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Higher Education

WebRTC is particularly useful for webcasting or live streaming lectures and events. K-12 educators and higher education institutions are using Webcasting in their curriculum.

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WebRTC can supplement the education sector in multiple ways

  • Live lectures/events for distributed learning
  • Remote guest lecturers
  • Group discussion in remote teams
  • Recording of live events
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Video Conferencing

WebRTC is an open source project that is supported by all major browsers. WebRTC supports video, voice, and multimedia content, allowing users to embed video conferencing into any application to build powerful video collaboration solutions based on WebRTC technology.

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Growing number of video conferencing endpoints

WebRTC technology has a great impact on the video conferencing market development. After the first browsers with support for WebRTC were released, the potential number of video conferencing endpoints around the world increased by 1 billion devices.

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    Health Care

    The telehealth service market is expected to grow to $9.3 billion by 2021, and it has become a major sector for WebRTC. Its encryption of communications makes it attractive to healthcare providers because of their concern with safeguarding the personal health data of their patients. In the US, health data is protected on a legal level by HIPAA, and any corresponding software product must be compliant with its standards.

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    Real-time video feeds can be applied to such use cases as teleconferencing doctor-patient appointments, remote therapy sessions, group therapy teleconferences, clinical meetings, and remote observation of operating rooms. These cases have gained acceptance with many health insurance plans to reduce costs. A study conducted by Tokbox Live Video found that around 60% of people are likely to use live teleconferencing to talk to a doctor for non-emergencies. Mobile app stores already have about 500 telehealth applications that use WebRTC. Although it is not exactly an IoT case, it is undoubtedly worth mentioning.

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      As for more direct IoT development cases, we can mention smart bedside devices—such as vital sign monitors—that communicate with medical stations located at home, which help doctors check physical condition of their patients any time of day and night.

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      With real-time video feeds and analytic reports from bedside devices, nurses and doctors can monitor patients, while recovering from the comfort of their home, to ensure that patients are cared for while recovering, administering medicine, or conducting research on patient activity.

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        Following IoT trends in manufacturing, industrial enterprises are still rather conservative in terms of technology and innovation. However, the changing business landscape dictates the need for new solutions, which are slowly but steadily introduced by the leading businesses to their core systems.

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        As an example, we can name applications that trigger or enhance video feeds. A smart factory can use technology to monitor and direct automated processes with sensors. For example, if a thermostat reading indicates that a machine may overheat, it can trigger a video camera to monitor the machine remotely to check its physical condition in real time. Another case is remote support service that can use WebRTC-based video calls for urgent equipment troubleshooting purposes.

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          In our changing atmosphere of increased online shopping, due to shopping trends and situations caused by the current climate facilitated by pandemic, the IoT can assist retail institutions to reach out to current and potential customers in an entirely new way. Utilizing WebRTC can provide customers with options to shop from home and receive consultations virtually.

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          Through WebRTC and industry applications, consultants and sales associates are able to video conference with potential customers to coordinate furniture and accessories for the home, assist with fashion - measurements and advice, and possible installation or setup of appliances and devices.

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            Financial Service

            The Financial industry is becoming a milepost of opportunities. The financial services sector has also seen a marked increase in consumers moving to online offerings for their convenience, flexibility and options. Some of the fastest growing areas of the online financial services sector are banking, investment and tax filing.

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            Embedded communication promises higher customer satisfaction and retention by providing a more robust customer experience - helping financial and service advisors sell and consult with current and prospective clients.

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              In utilizing WebRTC, your IT department and team can work remotely from all corners of the globe. By providing an internal WebRTC application, all members of your IT department will be able to collaborate in real-time through webcam, screen share, and opportunities for embedded document sharing.

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              With the ability to work internally or across various platforms, WebRTC allows for all departments to coordinate the sharing of information, ideas, and projects. WebRTC for IT departments provides a shared connection for teams to collaborate with each other and outside vendors or organizations to streamline access of information and updates. WebRTC concurrently provides IT staff the ability to troubleshoot devices or programs remotely, thus streamlining all businesses and organizations with their technical needs.

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