Our Companies

Our Companies


At Prov, we provide reliable, accessible tools for our clients to improve company efficiency and assessment practices. With our experienced workforce development consultants, effective and secure assessments, and our Prov Enterprise platform, Prov is committed to the development of individuals and organizations as a whole.

Whether our clients have questions about test development, improving sales, or even how to manage a company’s Human Capital and talent retention, Prov’s experienced consultants are available to help. Whether you want to improve a large area of your business, or pinpoint a specific task, Prov’s consultants have the experience and know-how to get you where you want to be.


The mission and expectations of Provlab is simple, increased performance and exceptional customer satisfaction through honesty and respect.

Provlab, a subsidiary of Prov, Inc., based out of Sandy, Utah ; is a technology solutions and consulting company for learning and assessment. Prov, Inc. has been in business for more than a decade and brings a wealth of experience and years of knowledge to provlab.

We provide information technology services, solutions, and product engineering. Our goals are to help transform and enhance our clients’ businesses, productivity, and efficiency, all while remaining cost-effective

Services we provide include:
  • Staffing to help you complete your projects
  • Full-time project management
  • Project architecture and engineering
  • Call center design and deployment


With the OSUM, we help you create your own brand through our network so that more customers have access to your services. You keep your company name, logo, drivers, current customers, and set your own rates. OSUM Biz handles your platform, call center, and bookings, while you remain responsible for paying your taxes and drivers.

Invest in the Future of your Business
  • Get the technology on your side
  • Expand your customer base, protect your existing book of business
  • Reduce vehicle idle-time
  • Reduce driver downtime
  • Potentially reduce expenses relating to staffing traditional call centers
  • Provide pricing flexibility based on supply and demand
  • Maximize their inventory always
  • Always staying in touch with retail and corporate customers


ExamLock secures and protects your investment, time and integrity.

ExamLock was created to meet the security demands of online testing and maintaining test integrity for our clients. With a multitude of security measures and checks, ExamLock has designed features and algorithms to detect and deter cheating and item theft.

By analyzing, restricting, and monitoring several actions during the user’s testing session, ExamLock protects the questions and content of the test from being copied, altered, or reused by outside hackers.

No matter the level of the test, ExamLock secures and protects your investment, time, and integrity.