In the market there are a multitude of options to create platforms, programs, tests, training materials, etc., and the process can be overwhelming for developers and administrators. With ExamRoom.AI, we have simplified the process by offering our platform as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).

Hosted Service

For organizations who do not want to take on the responsibility of their IT maintenance and infrastructure for their testing needs, ExamRoom.AI offers our clients the option of a Hosted Service.

For a monthly fee, ExamRoom.AI and its affiliates, can provide IT support, infrastructure, storage, and any other technical need for their testing platforms and processes. We can coordinate with your current IT team or department head to supply and support technical needs for your test administrators.

Shared Service

To make the testing process streamline, we offer our clients the option to choose our service as a Shared Service. This allows all the administrators and teachers to access the ExamRoom.AI platform, communications, and tools in one shared platform across the entire organization.

This aids administrators, who may be responsible for different testing assessments to organize and collaborate with other departments.

Using a Shared Service eliminates the risks and hassle of operating across various platforms, vendors, and security standards. Everything the business or university needs will be on one system accessed through the organization creating one standard of operation.

CLOUD Service

Using a Cloud Service for the ExamRoom.AI PAAS, administrators can sync with various websites and services, such as social sharing, email, and web browsers.

By accessing our platform through a Cloud Service, test takers and administrators can operate through their chosen emails, web browsers, and LMS platforms to communicate, organize, and collaborate through the testing process and procedures.