ExamRoom.AI knows that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for secure and reliable proctoring. With an experienced team of consultants and developers, we are able to provide our clients with customizable solutions and products that best fits their individual needs.

Whether testing in the classroom, office, or from home, ExamRoom.AI provides superior proctoring services. Our proctors are knowledgeable and experienced. They are trained to look for any distinguishing behavior that would imply cheating.

Live Proctoring

To help ensure the highest level of quality for our clients, ExamRoom.AI provides a Live Jack service. With our recorded, live proctoring exams, administrators have the option to watch and listen in real-time with the ability to “barge” the test session. Meaning, they can intercede and speak with both the proctor and the test taker at the same time.

Instances where this would be beneficial would be, but not limited to:
  • Issues with a question or answer
  • Questions about the test administrators’ rules and/or policies
  • Any conflict that could arise between a test taker and proctor

Administrators can also use this service to improve the quality of their test content.

Recorded Proctoring

One of the many benefits of ExamRoom.AI is our Recorded Proctoring service. Each proctored exam is recorded and archived for up to 6 months for the administrator or to review on their own time. Administrators have 7 days to request the video, which contains all flags and documentation.

The recorded test can be sent in real-time, upon request, to be reviewed for any violations, testing analysis, and determinization on test integrity. Administrators can evaluate how the test takers perform and how they navigate through the exam to improve test content.

Review Proctoring

Another feature of the ExamRoom.AI proctoring feature is that administrators can view the whole video of the exam, not just the flagged instances. If an administrator sees activity that they believe to be suspicious, and was not previously documented, ExamRoom.AI can document it and the administrator can take any necessary action as needed.