If you are looking to utilize a state-of-the-art, fully integrated platform proctoring service, without incurring additional costs and fees, we offer our clients the option to lease or license the ExamRoom.AI technology so that you can customize it, on demand, for your tests.

We are looking to collaborate with companies and universities that seek growth and opportunities through a mutual relationship where all parties succeed. Whether white labeling or partnership, choose ExamRoom.AI to bring your institution to the next level.

Test Administrators

Through our whitelabeling software, test administrators can use our platform to work with their test driver and make any necessary changes as needed per the exam.

National/International Certifications

To avoid the high costs for proctoring services and session fees, the ExamRoom.AI platform can be leased or licensed annually and used on an” as-needed” basis.

Testing Coordinators

Currently, 80% of testing occurs online, while only around 20% testing occurs in traditional “brick and mortar” environments. Lease or license the ExamRoom.AI platform to bridge your paper and pencil testing into an online format.