Value Based AI Proctoring Made Affordable and Accessible! 6:1 Ratio for Focused Proctoring.

Classroom, office, or from home, ExamRoom.AI provides superior proctoring services.

Tailored solution for secure and reliable proctoring.


With an experienced team of consultants and developers, we can provide our clients with customizable solutions and products that best fit their individual needs.


Our proctors are knowledgeable, experienced, and trained to look for and document distinguishing behavior implicating dishonesty.

Pay as you go

There are no minimum exams required. Our pricing plans are designed to be customer conscious with no additional or hidden fees.

Live Proctoring

ExamRoom.AI’s virtual proctors are trained and tested to detect suspicious behavior with Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance. Proctors can communicate with candidates verbally, via chatbox, and issue time-stamped flags for analytic reports. We also provide our clients the option to “barge” the test session to monitor the exam in real-time. To ensure quality monitoring of exams, our proctors function on a 6:1 ratio. For high-stakes exams, we can provide 1:1 proctoring.

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Benefits of Live Barging:

  • If candidates are facing issues with exam material
  • Questions regarding rules and/or policies
  • For insight and analytics
  • Monitor candidates who are exhibiting suspicious behavior
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Recorded proctoring

Whether you are looking to utilize an AI or live proctoring service, all exam sessions are digitally recorded for clients and Administrators to access from their dashboard and can be downloaded or requested as necessary. Whether you are looking for an AI or live proctoring service, we provide access to all digital recordings and analytics as needed.

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ExamRoom.AI Digital recordings contain:

  • Time-stamped flags
  • Chat conversations
  • Verbal communication
  • Webcam and desktop streams
  • Available on client dashboard or upon request
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Review Proctoring

If you are looking for an AI online proctoring system, we provide our clients with a professional review of the digital records. Upon completion of the exam, ExamRoom.AI will have our proctors review the digital recording to ensure that the test was completed honestly.

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Once the exam(s) are completed, our proctoring team will complete the following:

  • Based on the volume of exams delivered that day reviews will be completed in 24-48 hours
  • Proctors will review the digital recordings to check for signs or actions of suspicious behavior
  • Proctors will review AI issued flags
  • Proctors will make additional remarks based on findings
  • Clients will receive a report for all exams or those who displayed questionable behavior
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