Unlocking the Potential of Value-Based AI
Proctoring Through ExamRoom.AI

ExamRoom.AI's value-centric AI proctoring services
emerge as a transformative force in the domain of online assessments.

In the landscape of education and evaluations, extending beyond conventional classrooms has heightened the demand for dependable and easily accessible proctoring services. ExamRoom.AI steps into this domain, aiming to deliver value-centric AI proctoring that not only remains economical but also caters to the distinct requirements of each client.

Tailored Solutions for Dependable Proctoring

ExamRoom.AI distinguishes itself by providing customized solutions crafted by a proficient team of consultants and developers. Acknowledging the inadequacy of a one-size-fits-all approach, the company ensures its proctoring services seamlessly align with the specific needs of individual clients.

This commitment to customization guarantees a secure and reliable proctoring experience across various domains.

Core Emphasis on Accuracy

In the area of online examinations, precision holds utmost importance. ExamRoom.AI's proctors are skilled individuals who possess knowledge, experience, and training to identify and document behaviors indicating potential dishonesty. This meticulous attention to detail upholds the integrity of assessments, furnishing clients with trustworthy results.

Flexible Pricing

Recognizing the diverse needs of its users, ExamRoom.AI offers a flexible pricing model. There are no obligatory minimum exam requirements, and the pricing plans are designed to be considerate of the customer, devoid of additional or concealed fees. This approach ensures that value-centric AI proctoring is accessible to institutions of all sizes.

Live Proctoring: A Focused 6:1 Ratio

A standout feature of ExamRoom.AI is its live proctoring service, where virtual proctors, trained and tested with AI assistance, vigilantly monitor candidates during exams. The 6:1 proctoring ratio ensures concentrated monitoring, with options for 1:1 proctoring for high-stakes exams. Live intervention enables clients to address real-time issues related to exam material, rule queries, analytics, or suspicious behavior.

Recorded Proctoring for Transparency

Regardless of opting for AI or live proctoring, all exam sessions are digitally recorded. Clients and administrators can access these recordings through a user-friendly dashboard, promoting transparency and accountability. Time-stamped flags, chat conversations, verbal communication, and webcam/desktop streams are all available for review, either on-demand or through scheduled downloads. 

Review Proctoring: Safeguarding Exam Integrity

ExamRoom.AI goes the extra mile by offering a comprehensive review of digital records post-exam. Proctors diligently examine recordings and AI-issued flags within 72 hours or less, based on volume, ensuring a prompt yet thorough assessment. Clients receive detailed reports, offering insights into the integrity of exams and any flagged behaviors, fostering a secure and trustworthy assessment environment.

In Conclusion

ExamRoom.AI's value-centric AI proctoring services emerge as a transformative force in the domain of online assessments. With a dedication to customization, accuracy, and affordability,
ExamRoom.AI is reshaping the landscape of remote proctoring, emerging as a robust ally for educational institutions and organizations alike.

To witness this transformation firsthand, request a demo from ExamRoom.AI and experience the future of secure and reliable online assessments.

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