Top 5 considerations for choosing a
proctoring platform

Long before the global pandemic,
the adoption of educational technologies was growing expeditiously.

Long before the global pandemic, the adoption of educational technologies was growing expeditiously. But in early April 2020, the number of students impacted by school closures hit almost 1.5 billion worldwide. Online learning has rapidly become, not only extremely popular, but a necessity; pushing the need for reliable and safe remote proctoring to the front burner.

Sparked by the pandemic and relied upon for flexibility, EdTech companies have introduced new proctoring platforms offering a more reliable and secure option than a virtual meeting platform, such as Zoom. In conjunction with security, remote proctoring solutions must be scalable, easy to use, and provide end-to-end support.

When researching remote proctoring vendors, it is important to know what you are looking to accomplish based on your process and needs: Knowing your needs.

Before going on a demo or while requesting information, it is pivotal to know the following information so that you receive the most accurate information:

You also need to understand the nature of your exam. For example:

Let’s dive right into the top five considerations for choosing an online proctoring platform:

1. Ease of Use:

A sudden shift from a physical classroom to a virtual one has already put enough stress on educators and students alike. By creating a user-friendly interface and single sign-on options, students will smoothly transition from the LMS to the remote proctoring platform. Not to mention the option of testing at home.

2. Scalability:

Universities conduct online courses for candidates globally. A solution that enables students to take classes as well as test large numbers of students, either at once or over a determined amount of time is vital. A reliable platform for online proctoring should be able to conduct exams anywhere between tens to thousands of students at a time, if required. Therefore, the remote proctoring software should be robust and handle significant volume assessments seamlessly with a reliable scheduling system.

3. Cost Associated with Remote Proctored Services:

Everyone wants to invest in state-of-the-art remote proctoring services.. Before contracting with an online remote proctoring vendor, request the total amount of fees to be paid. Some fees required may be integration costs, annual fees, maintenance fees, etc. Also, be sure to ask if there are fees associated with customizations, last minute scheduling, or volume based fees.

4. Technical Support:

For any remote proctoring services, another crucial factor for consideration is the availability of 24*7 technical assistance whenever the users are experiencing any problems or have questions before, during or after the tests. Before choosing any remote proctoring solution or vendor, universities should research e if there are any fees or additional casts associated with technical or customer support.

5. Protecting Exam Integrity:

The most important feature that remote proctoring vendors should provide are security measures to protect exam integrity. p. While performing an online exam, the remote online proctor should be capable of verifying the identity of the candidate with an AI-based facial recognition and flagging system that determines when, and if, a candidate is violating the rules of the exam. . The remote proctoring vendor should also be able to provide security documentation and robust methods to ensure the protection of user and exam data.


As education shifts to, or implements on a greater scale for all grade levels, online learning and online exams, the demand for remote proctoring platforms are surging more now then in past years.. ExamRoom.AI has all you need, we offer a modern proctoring solution — from superior scalability, to rich collaboration features, to in-built security, we’ve got you covered.

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