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Welcome to ExamRoom.AI

ExamRoom.AI is a web-based, remote online proctoring solution focused on streamlining remote proctoring by creating scalable solutions for our clients.

We provide Live and Automated online proctoring with customizable features while remaining cost-effective.

By deploying advanced security algorithms and AI, we ensure that test integrity and protection of candidate’s personal biometric data is intact and safe.

To provide a more efficient and streamlined process for Professors, Administrators and Exam Sponsors, we utilize API’s and LTI’s to create an automated system that integrates with most LMS and databases.

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A high class test integrity


ExamRoom Proctors, 360 App, and ExamLock security features, provide scalable, high class test security. Suspicious behavior is flagged and timestamped for quick playback. Recordings are available instantly. Additional reviews available upon request.

AI integrated superior proctoring services


Utilizing AI technology in conjunction with live proctors, ExamRoom.AI has made web-based testing more versatile for Administrators while maintaining test integrity. With our real-time analytics, instant access to digitally recorded videos, and customizable features, Faculty/Staff and Administrators have flexibility and support for their proctoring needs.



In the market there are a multitude of options to create platforms, programs, tests, training materials, etc., and the process can be overwhelming for developers and administrators. With ExamRoom.AI, we have simplified the process by offering our platform as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).

Even more Feature Rich

By leveraging AI-based technology, we have developed the industry’s smartest and most secure online proctoring solution.

Artificial Learning

Deploying algorithms and AI to detect and flag suspicious behavior separately or in conjunction with a live proctor.

Behavior Analysis

We’re consistently updating security measures to protect test integrity against cheating and theft based on behavioral analysis.

Exam Reports

Download digitally recorded sessions and analytics instantly from the Client Dashboard. Reports can be imported/exported individually or in bulk.

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Real-Time Exam View

“Barge” in on proctoring sessions in real-time to watch or communicate with the candidate. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

FIDO technology protects candidate’s personal biometric data. Customizable authentication according to the exam.

LMS Integration

Integrates with most LMS providing a seamless, automated service for improved efficiency for Professors, Administrators, and Exam Sponsors.

Easily Understandable & Customizable.

Walkthrough Videos & Demos

ExamRoom.AI has several features that can be customized based on the level of exam required. We provide various options for all low and high stakes tests. If you are interested in viewing a demo based on your level of exam, please contact our sales team at: (877) 848-3926 or

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ExamRoom.AI Mobile App

Tired of remembering all of your passwords? Need to use your device for a 360 view for testing? Worried about internet speed? Download the ExamRoom.AI app and streamline your testing needs!